no need to tune

i first saw this maybe a couple of years ago and was awe struck by how amazing it was, it may be old news now, but to some that havent seen it, ladies and gentlemen, i give you…. the gibson robot guitar
now at first glance this may look just like your normal beautiful gibson les paul guitar, but no, look closer, notice the small lights on the volume knob. the brains at gibson using the technology of the tronical powertune system have managed to come up with a guitar that has the ability to tune itself! its one of the coolest things, seeing the tuning keys turn all on their own, looks like your guitar is being tuned by a ghost.
apparently this isnt the first time this has been done, but as far as i can see it is the first readily available and un-invasive model and it certainly is the best looking. the model shown above is one of the original versions, the les paul, although it is now available in several different styles including a robot sg and a robot flying v.
amazingly the guitar can not only tune itself but it can use different styles of tuning too, like drop d, open e and down half step. this may be one of the greatest things i have ever seen, it wont be long until the guitars just play themselves and you just have to stand there and look bad ass.
if you want any more information about the gibson models, go here to their site and check it out.
Dave Kiely


  1. I've wanted one ever since you first showed me… however, don't know if it would really encourage me to learn to play or whether I'd just spend hour after hour deliberately detuning the thing just to watch the pegs rotate, whilst shouting at any passer-by "WATCH THEM TWIZZLE!!"

  2. Saw this a while ago, I seem to remember Paul McCartney (or someone of his ilk) commenting they were a bad thing becuae (as the guitar constantly tunes itself) the note is too pure. Bit like Vinyl vrs CDs I guess.

    I still like it.

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