great balls of light


these things are incredible and mysterious in equal amounts, created by australian photographer denis smith, taking light graffiti and giving it a little twist, he has created a set of beautiful images which in his own words represent “a mysterious portal into my world. It, and its friends will appear in interesting and mysterious places every now and then” and indeed they have been doing. 
the amazing thing is that these images use no photoshop trickery, except for a little tweeking of the sat/bright/levels, he doesnt add or take anything out of the images.
unfortunately as mysterious as these balls of light are, so is the project, i couldnt find any more information on how or why, but part of me likes that, and long may i hope it continues.  there are literally hundreds of balls of light images over at denis’s various sites, so go check them out, its definately time well spent. have a great bank holiday monday
here is the balls of light site
here is denis smiths photography site
here is his flickr

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Dave Kiely

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  1. I'd like one of these balls of light in my room!!
    How happy would it make you to wake up to one of those everyday!?!?!

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