arachnophobics beware

in fact you can actually rest easily as this isnt the work of some giant man eating spider but the work of viennese / croatian design collective called “for use”.  using only packing tape they have created this incredible installation which is to be part of berlins internation design fair.
these huge self supporting cocoons have grown in size since their first inception, and are now large enough for members of the public to roam around inside them. orginally based on a idea from a dance performance in which the cocoon envelops the performer as they move between areas of the stage.
for the previous installation created in vienna, the group used nearly 117,000 feet and 100 pounds of tape
these installations are incredible and deserve to be seen by anyone how gets the opportunity, so if your in the centre of frankfurt in september they intend to create one in a public space, so keep your eyes peeled. until the heres a video of the collective creating the installation above.
hope you enjoy
Dave Kiely

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