my 100 cardboards

just a textually short post today, but on rich with images of something that was just too good to not post, short because after some time searching the vast internets, i couldnt find anything more on the artist than his name and location. so here is the “my 100 cardboards” exhibition by german artist berni valenta. berni has created 100 faces using mostly what seems to be old carboard boxes, some paint and some markers. each different each with its own personality, some you will recognise, some you wont, but you should enjoy them all.
i like to think that these little guys adorn each and every wall in berni’s house, but i dont think thats the case. but in anycase i think youll agree these are very cool, here is a link to the artist behance site and heres and link to his flickr account.
how many can you name? which are your favourites? if you can find out any more information on the artist please let me know, until that timelets just enjoy them, i think my favourite might be the stormtrooper, the lego man or the smoking gorilla.
Dave Kiely

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